endopolis poetry

open hours

Drop in, say hi.


5 PM - 7 PM

Come hang out in the poetry room!


5 PM - 7 PM

Come hang out in the poetry room!


10 AM - 12 PM

Saturday morning open hours are like the other open hours but with cartoons from the 80s and 90s!


About our open hours

Open hours are unstructured time when the Endopolis Poetry Room is open to the public. The Poetry Room isn’t designed to be a co-working space per se, but we do have a small desk, as well as couches and comfortable chairs. Reading quietly is ok, but so is socializing - feel free to bring some pals and play a board game from our collection! We have a small poetry library for your enjoyment in the poetry room and will - soon! - have wifi available. We also have complementary tea and hot chocolate and some shelf-stable snacks if you’re hungry. And bring quarters so you can get a poem from the Poetry Vending Machine, a project of Attack Bear Press.