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Endopolis started as a twice-monthly poetry open mic in the fall of 2018. In January of 2019, Catherine Weiss rented a 240 sq ft space in the 2nd floor of the Brick Mill Square building in downtown Florence, MA. In February, the Endopolis Poetry Room opened its doors to the public, hosting workshops, discussions, board game nights, a book club, art-making, and a weekly poetry open mic.

This October 2019, the Poetry Room is re-opening its doors in the historic Eastworks mill building of Easthampton, MA. The new space will continue to offer a diverse selection of poetry and arts programming, as well as regular open hours for the public, and offer poetry services from experienced practitioners.



The Poetry Room maintains open hours throughout the week. Come check out our space in Easthampton, MA or attend an event!

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Go in these doors for the most direct route to Suite 327/Endopolis Poetry Room.

Go in these doors for the most direct route to Suite 327/Endopolis Poetry Room.

The Endopolis Poetry Room is a small (approx. 300 square ft) space located inside a large mill building, Eastworks. The building and our space are wheelchair accessible. We are located on the 3rd floor of Eastworks. There are several entrances to the building and several elevators.

The shortest path to the Poetry Room is to park in the East Parking Lot (the one that’s not the Riff’s parking lot) and enter through the door with the big vertical EASTWORKS letters and the marquee.

There is a passenger elevator just inside the doors, to your left. Take the elevator to the 3rd floor and turn left out of the elevator. Walk straight down the hallway past the Eastworks main office on your left (suite 320) and straight through one intersecting hallway. At the 2nd hall intersection, take a right. The second door on your left will be suite 327.

a Very Good Map of the 3rd floor of Eastworks

a Very Good Map of the 3rd floor of Eastworks

We ask you refrain from wearing strongly scented products to help keep the space accessible for community members who are allergic.

Our events are not mic’ed or amplified because the space is very small. With advance notice, we can provide a microphone and amplification for an event. Please email us here.

Restrooms are located on every floor. Some are gendered. There is an all-gender restroom located on the 1st floor by Riff’s Joint restaurant.

The Poetry Room welcomes children interested in reading and enjoying poetry, but please keep in mind that poetry often deals with challenging themes and content. Not all poems are suitable for young people. Our policy is for any performer to “read the room” and use their best judgment. Any children in the Poetry Room must be supervised at all times.


Poets of Endopolis



Catherine Weiss

Catherine Weiss is a poet and illustrator from Maine who has been flopping around Western MA since 2013. Catherine helps organize the open mic and workshop series nohopoco (Northampton Poetry Community) and has competed at the National Poetry Slam, as well as IWPS and WOWPS. In January 2019, she launched the Endopolis Poetry Room. More about Catherine and their work can be found here.


Services offered

  • Poet mentorship

  • Merch design and consulting

  • Poem and manuscript editing

  • Chapbook layout and production

  • Lit mag submission strategy and support

  • Slam coaching

Email for more info!



Poet & co-organizer

Ira Stenning

Ira Stenning is a poet and spoken word artist from Western MA. Cori was the Northampton Poetry 2018 Grand Slam Champion and competed at the National Poetry Slam in Chicago.


Services offered

  • Poem editing

  • Slam consultation

Email for more info!